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The Details


Genre: DramaSynopsis: A suburban husband finds his life spiraling out of control due to extramarital temptation, a crazy cat lady, a wannabe mobster, a potential life-changing surgery, and a band of raccoons hellbent on destroying the only thing that matters in his life: the perfect backyard lawn.About: This one has been making its way around […]

Genre: Sorta Romantic ComedySynopsis: A loveless man who believes he’s dying meets a woman that turns his life upside-down.About: Huge spec sale back in the early 90s. 1 million dollars. Yet the movie still hasn’t been made.Writer: Kathy McWorter Some people would tell you that the day The Cheese Stands Alone sold is the day […]

This Week!


This week expect a spec sale classic to make its way onto Scriptshadow. Also, another script creeps into my top 25. This one has been blowing people away around town in addition to being compared to a certain Oscar Winner (which will remain nameless). It’s tightly guarded enough that I may not even be able […]

Gideon’s Law


Genre: Police Drama/ThrillerSynopsis: (from the trades) When a disgraced young cop is assigned a routine civilian ride along, he quickly learns that his passenger is not what he seems and that he has just entered into a brutal battle with a killer who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.About: This script is developing […]

Quick Update


Hey guys, since yesterday’s news, a bunch of you e-mailed me with a ton of scripts which means I’m basically in love with all of you. Obviously, because I can only review a script a day, I want you to know that just because I don’t review your script right away doesn’t mean I’m not […]

Genre: Spy ThrillerSynopsis: A CIA agent discovers there’s a Russian spy deep inside the organization.About: This is that infamous project that Tom Cruise was attached to but then got booted off of. Since it’s disaster central for any profile-dropping A-Lister to get booted off a project, Tom’s robots did spin control and all of a […]

Hello everyone. I wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone for visiting the site. We’re growing bigger and bigger every day (why am I saying “we”? I’m the only one here). Today we/I had a bit of a setback though. A private community of script traders gave me the heave-ho amongst fears that […]