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note: Medieval review will not be posted until 9am PT. Remember everyone: Tomorrow, Scott Myers and I from Go Into The Story are reviewing Medieval which we gave you last Friday. You should have read the script and prepared your comments, which you will post on either mine or Scott’s blog tomorrow after our dual-review. […]

Genre: Buddy CopPremise: Two veteran LAPD detectives attempt to track down a stolen, mint-condition, 1952 baseball card.About: Kevin Smith became interested in directing this which makes it – I believe – his first directing gig on a film he didn’t write. Once Smith hopped onboard, Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis signed on. Yes, you heard […]

note: The interview originally slated for today has been moved to Saturday. Wanna make sure you guys get 5 reviews this week. Genre: DramaPremise: Two college students who’ve experienced recent loss fall in love and heal their fractured families.About: Landing on last year’s Black List with 6 votes, this was just recently picked up by […]

Genre: High School Rom-ComPremise: A nerd and a cheerleader explore four years of high school as best friends.About: Landed on the 2007 Black List with 7 votes, I believe this sold last year. It will be directed by controversial director and all around nutball David O. Russel (I Heart Huckabees, Three Kings).Writers: Chad Gomez Creasy […]



So someone mentioned “Scrippets” to me, which allows me to cut and paste dialogue from the scripts I’m reviewing, throw them in my reviews, and retain the formatting. I’d like to be able to do this for obvious reasons but Blogger no seem to like the “scrippet” code. According to them, I should be able […]



Genre: ComedyPremise: When the greatest zookeeper in the world considers quitting because women don’t dig his job, the animals of the zoo band together to find him a mate.About: Yes, here it is folks: The 2 million (against 3 million) dollar script.Writers: Jay Scherick & David Ronn Welcome to our final script in our Top […]

The Outsider is here. A mysterious script reader who’s harder to find than the island on Lost. People believe I’m tough on scripts. Well, they’ve never met The Outsider. This is how he/she describes him/herself: THE OUTSIDER devours scripts like a newborn sucks on a tit, which is to say, virtually non-stop. She/he/it is a […]