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Karma Coalition


Genre: Sci-Fi ThrillerPremise: An ex-professor seeks the truth about a secret organization known as the “Karma Coalition.”About: A high-profile pick-up from Warner Bros. in late 2008 to the tune of 1.5 million. Christensen is the lead singer for a band called Stellarstarr. Christensen also co-wrote “Sidney Hall” which has been set up with producers Ridley […]



Genre: Drama-ThrillerPremise: A man wakes up in a coffin with no idea how he got there.About: Ryan Reynolds just signed onto this last week. Spanish director Rodrigo Cortes will take the reigns for Chris Sparling’s script. Spain-based Versus Entertainment will finance the film.Writer: Chris Sparling This was the only picture I could find of Ryan […]

We are on to the next round of the Scriptshadow Challenge, where Scott and I from “Go Into The Story” offer you a recently sold spec one week in advance, give you a chance to read it, and participate in the discussion a week later (next Friday). Because I’m exhausted after reading two Moneyball drafts, […]

To get caught up on what exactly “Moneyball” is and the drama that occurred this week, go here to find out. Genre: Sports BioPremise: A general manager with the lowest payroll in baseball invents a new way of scouting involving little-known but very powerful statistics.About: Based on a true story. Adapted from the book by […]



Busy tonight people, so I’m leaving you a six-pack of mini-reviews. Try not to get wasted. “Arena”Genre: Sci-FiPremise: Armies from throughout time are forced to fight against each other in a futuristic arena.About: Spec sale from last year.Writers: Toby Wagstaff & Darren HowellA very interesting little script. The concept is outrageous. What would happen if […]

Leave your pick in the comments section, my e-mail, Scott’s site, or Scott’s e-mail. Please do not e-mail me asking for any of these scripts unless you’re my BFF. How do you become my BFF? By sending me newly sold specs. Duh. Here are the choices… “Kidnap” (Knate Gwaltney): After her son is kidnapped at […]

Stay Tuned. Today at 3pm Pacific Time, I’ll be simultaneously posting with Scott, the five choices for this month’s Scriptshadow Challenge. Your vote will determine which script we go with. It’ll be fun because three of them are recent spec sales. So pop by and leave your vote. If the comments section doesn’t work for […]