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500 Days of Summer came out today which means, as an officially released film, it must be officially released from my Top 25. 😦 So sad. Let me go on the record, however, about the casting of the film, which I think they got all wrong. Summer is supposed to be the world’s biggest bitch. […]

Misha wrote and sold the script “Sunflower” last year. The thriller (which is number 7 on my Top 25 list) about two women being held captive at a remote house by a serial killer was adored by just about everyone who read it and made the 2008 Black List. It’s one of those rare screenplay […]

So today we have a review of S. Craig Zahler’s script, “Incident at Sans Asylum.” Zahler is the writer of the number three script on my Top 25 list, the Western, “The Brigands Of Rattleborge.” The script is a town favorite, yet everyone’s terrified to make it. I have no idea why. Show this thing […]

Due Date


No link. Genre: ComedyPremise: An expectant dad (along with an unlikely travel companion) races cross-country in hopes of making it home for the birth of his first child.About: Todd Phillips, who made in excess of 35 million dollars by foregoing his salary for profit participation in The Hangover, has made Due Date his next film, […]

Up In The Air


Edit: Link taken down Genre: DramaPremise: A professional who specializes in “career transition counseling” is on the verge of accumulating 5 million frequent flier miles.About: Based on the novel by Walter Kirn, this was adpated and is being directed by Jason Reitman (Juno) for a release later this year. It will star George Clooney, Jason […]