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Dead Loss


Genre: ThrillerPremise: A crew of crab fisherman rescue a drifting castaway with a mysterious cargo.About: Hot spec which sold not too long ago. Chris Gorak (“Right at Your Door”) will direct for Palmer West.Writer: Josh Baizer and Marshall Johnson Not many people know this but I was a crab fisherman before I started Scriptshadow Well […]



Sorry my friends but I’m taking the day off. Not to worry though. As promised, I’ve brought in an expert to give you a long-awaited horror review. His name is Tarson Meads and I trust his opinion implicitly. Today he’ll be reviewing a recent horror spec that sold titled “Kristy.” Genre: Horror/ThrillerPremise: In the vein […]

Broken Amber


Genre: Sci-Fi ThrillaSynopsis: A sci-fi Bourne Identity, Broken Amber is about a man who realizes that his life isn’t what it seems.About: A spec that I believe came extremely close to being purchased by Warner Bros. Can anyone confirm or deny this?More: I’m keeping the synopsis vague as it kinda spoiled the script for me. […]

Genre: Adventure-ComedySynopsis: A Goonies-like gang grows up and decides to go on one last adventure.About: The Treehouse Gang sold for 750k against 1.5 million.Writer: Timothy Dowling Timothy Dowling is a writer/actor who came up with the idea for the then brilliant concept, “George Lucas In Love.” He also wrote the recent box office mini-hit “Role […]

Info: “Steinbeck’s Point-of-View” is one of the biggest spec sales ever. Back in 1999, this spec sold for 4 million dollars (2 mil plus some blind script commitments). Some people believe it’s one of the worst scripts ever sold. Yikes! Luckily there’s only one opinion that matters – mine.Writers: Brandon Camp and Mike Thompson Review: […]